Jul 282011

After Idaho, we took a short hiatus from our travels to attend my good friend Colleen’s wedding.  While swapping the comfortable 75 degree days in Jackson, WY for the 105 degree humid mess that was the thick of Philadelphia’s heat wave was not ideal, we appreciated the opportunity to catch up with family and friends.  The week was packed with activity and, as always, it flew by way too fast. 

Zach traveled up to CT for a few days to make up for lost time at Lake George this year.  Luckily, we happened to be in the area for the tail end of Mimi and Grandpa’s stay up north, so he was very excited to see them.  I was able to celebrate Col’s upcoming nuptials at her bachelorette party in AC, spend time with both my mom and dad and help my sister pick out her wedding dress (if she would finally just buy it already!!)

About halfway through our trip, Zach and I went with his mom to Six Flags in NJ.  We’ve been talking about going for years and finally made it happen.  I will speak for myself and say that I definitely cannot handle roller coasters like I used to but I did finally  get to ride the famous Kingda Ka.  It is the tallest roller coaster in the world, the fastest in North America and, yes, riding it is as crazy as it sounds (luckily the ride only lasts for about 10 seconds).

And of course the week ended with a bang at Colleen and Brett’s wedding in Philly.

Thanks to our family and friends for bending over backwards to see us while we were home and for filling us up with good company, good food, and good drink, not to mention as many showers as we could fit in.  To those we didn’t have a chance to see, you were surely missed (this means you, BSD).

While both happy to get back to our new home on wheels, neither of us anticipated how hard it would be to leave again and we were surprised by how unsettled we felt once back in the van.  But the feeling was fleeting; the mountains of the West had been beckoning since the trip began and were now finally within our grasp.