Sep 102011

Our stay in Bend was the first extended visit we’ve had in our trip thus far.  For two incredible weeks we enjoyed such luxuries as a level bed, daily showers, a full sized refrigerator, home cooked meals involving fresh vegetables, and beer that isn’t PBR!!!  We also got to share all of these things with real live people (except the first two of course…weird).  By the time we arrived in Bend we were ready to unpack our bags and spend some time under a roof not made of steel.

The number of activities lined up for us when we arrived in Bend seemed overwhelming at first.  Furthermore, the number of different breweries to reward oneself with after each activity was equally daunting.  However, as it turned out, the first two months of our trip was the perfect training allowing us to keep up with my 63 year old father.  Each day consisted of burning 4,000 calories then proceeding to drink and eat it all right back.

If you wanted to experience the culture of Bend in a single night, Friday, September 2nd was your night.  Bend does not have a sprawling downtown and in 2010 the population was just shy of 80,000 people, and yet on this one night it held a beer festival, a national bike race, and Bend’s monthly art on the streets event.  You cannot create a better stereotype of a Bendite than the collection of  people drawn by those events.

At the end of two weeks it was surprising that I was not anxious to get back on the road.  We had not yet grown tired of our stay in Bend.  Upon reflection how does one tire of waking up every morning to fresh espresso and ending each night with bridge and glasses of whiskey?  Fall could have easily turned to winter before we ran out of things to do.  Ironically it was when we realized this that we knew it was time to go.  We have much to see in US before the temperature drops and we always have an excuse to come back to Bend.  California calls.


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