Aug 222011

After spending a number of consecutive nights out in the woods, we were ready to head back into society with the offer of a home cooked meal on the horizon.  Our journey miraculously collided with two fellow travelers as they also were briefly passing through Seattle, one of whom I’ve known since college.  Jake and Natalie were married last winter and have been travelling around Southeast Asia ever since.   The day after our arrival they were heading off in their car south through the Rockies in search of a place to settle.  During the moment of collision we were treated to an epic feast prepared by Jake’s mom, one which reminded me of meals at my sister’s.  Mostly because it was frickin’ amazing, but also because I imagine the rub used was probably version 3.4 on Leigh Anne’s pursuit of the perfect rib.

After dinner, while sitting on the back porch, Jake, Natalie, Jill and I exchanged our stories of the road.  We traded advice we had picked up and had discussions over our motivation to travel in the first place.  After two months on the road, a reminder of how we got to where we were was just what Jill and I needed.  Although brief, the time spent with our friends was treasured.

Our time as Seattle tourists was made complete the next day when we toured the city to a backdrop of white skies and the occasional shower.  We hit almost everything we had intended to – the sculpture garden, Pike’s Place, Fremont, the public library, Pioneer Square – and were even treated to a delicious lunch by an old family friend (thanks Sue).  But we decided to save the Space Needle for times of bigger budgets ($18!?) and the art museum for a day that isn’t a Monday (closed).  Our list of places we hope to return to continually grows as we add Seattle – a beautiful city which exhibits much of what is loved about the pacific northwest.




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