A Long Time Coming

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Oct 112012

We woke at 2 am to begin our travels back to our home, which has been in storage for four months in San Jose, Costa Rica.  On a list of things the van has hopefully withstood during this time are a 7.6 magnitude earthquake and the bulk of Central American rainy season.  While waiting for our first flight, Zach looks worried so I ask him what’s wrong.  He lays out a list of problems that could be awaiting our return.  For once, I am the optimistic one.  My only worry is whether or not I can once again adapt to cold showers. Continue reading »

A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Jun 302011

When we were originally mapping out the start of this trip, the plan was to beeline it through Pennsylvania and Ohio to Wisconsin to spend time with Zach’s brother and his family.  But the last few weeks have been more of a whirlwind than expected with trip preparation, weddings, and far too many goodbyes.  As the departure date crept closer, we realized we needed a few days to ourselves, to relax and take in all that was ahead of us.    We needed to breathe.   Continue reading »