Resources for Your Travels


Here are some great online resources that helped us while we planned our travels:

Drive the Americas

Started by two overlanding couples during their drive to Argentina in 2008 (Kristin and Chris, Kelsey and Tom).  We used this website a great deal when researching for our trip.  It is an especially great resource for connecting with other roadtrippers – past, present and future!  Also, the discussion forums are helpful with pressing questions and concerns.

Expedition Portal

A great community of overlanders from all over the world.  This website is especially useful for technical information and advice.  Zach used it extensively when building our van and we have met some great people as a result!

Wiki Overland

Started by a fellow overlander, Dan Grec, who took two years driving from Alaska to Argentina.  A great resource with information on border crossings, popular routes, gas prices – you name it!  Fellow travelers are encouraged to update any information they find to be out of date.

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