Jun 202012

One year ago today, Zach and I pointed Blue Steel due West and began the adventure of a lifetime.  We started our trip in CT so it seems only fitting that we are back here today celebrating one year on the road.  It is also fitting that the northeast is experiencing somewhat of a heatwave, with record temperatures and brutal humidity.  It’s as if we never left Central America.   Though much has changed since we’ve arrived back in the states, not the least of which is the fact that we both have to go to work today! 

For those who do not know, we are taking a short hiatus from our travels.  When we left one year ago, we hoped to make it down to Panama before ending our trip in June to make it home for the wedding of a close friend.  Somewhere along the way, we realized this wasn’t good enough.  We began once again replying with “Argentina” when asked the question of how far south we planned to go.  We knew full well we wouldn’t achieve that goal in the time allotted but were determined to find a way to make it happen.   Eventually, the time came to commit to extending our travels.  First things first, adding more time to the trip meant we needed more money.

With one wedding in June and my sister’s in October, we knew from the start that extending the trip would mean a good amount of flying back and forth.  It was when we started adding the cost of each plane ticket into our monthly budget that we began to devise other scenarios for how we’d spend our summer.  Ultimately, it made the most sense to us to stay put in the states for a few months, catch up with family and friends, be present for important family affairs and, of course, make some money in the meantime.  So here we are, living and working in CT through September.  We were both fortunate enough to find jobs almost immediately.  Zach is putting in long hours of hard manual labor working for a professional moving company while I test my patience serving and bartending at a local burger joint.  It is a far cry from our days on the beach in Costa Rica, but it certainly feels good to be earning money again.

We have stored our vehicle in Costa Rica until October, when we plan to return and continue south.  (For information on how to store your vehicle in central america, check out our friends Susie and Paul’s blog).  Thanks to everyone who has followed and continues to follow along through the blog.  We promise to be better about posting this summer.

We have been very busy since we’ve been back!  Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks.  And stay tuned for upcoming stories about our travels through El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica!