Fellow Travelers


One of the best parts of long-term traveling is meeting other people on similar adventures.  We have met some amazing people so far, each with their own unique trip and reason for traveling.  For the armchair travelers out there, check out these blogs for more travel stories.

Toni and Scott, USA


Toni and Scott were the first traveling couple we connected with on our journey.  We met them in Zion National Park and decided to hike (swim?) the famous Zion narrows together.  They quit their jobs and plan to travel around the states for a year.

Brenda and Gerry, B.C. Canada


We met Brenda and Gerry in the coastal Mexican town of La Penita.  This was their first year traveling from Canada to Mexico for the winter, but they plan to make the trip annually.  We talked politics and had many laughs over some delicious Mexican margaritas.

Thomas, Switzerland


We met Thomas during our stay in Guanajuato and ran into him again in Chetumal.  He has a very flexible timeline for the drive down to Argentina.  He’s got some great pictures, check em out!

Stefan and Swantje, Germany


We have run into Stefen and Swantje (Emma for those incapable of pronouncing her name) in three different countries so far.  They started their journey in Nova Scotia in their beautiful Land Rover and intend on making it all the way to Argentina.  After the trip they hope to continue onto Asia, specifically Mongolia.

James and Lauren, USA


The only couple so far we actually made plans to meet up with, rather than running into by chance.  Coming from Florida, James and Lauren travel in a mean looking late 80’s 4Runner.  They are also planning to make it down to Argentina on a similar timeline.  We’re sure we’ll be seeing them again!

Paul and Susie, B.C. Canada


Paul and Susie are seasonal firefighters coming from beautiful British Columbia.  They share a similar timeline to us through Central America and plan to similarly return home to work for the summer.  They will pick up where they left off next October.

Mags and Stu, USA


We met Mags and Stu at the Barton Creek Outpost in Belize and spent a couple days with them exploring the National Park nearby.  Originally from California, they are taking a year to backpack the world before settling somewhere new.

Joe and Erik, USA


Joe and Erik were our fellow homestayers during our two week Spanish Class in San Pedro on Lago Atitlan.  After 10 weeks of Spanish class in Guatemala (impressive!) they are heading back up to Mexico to start the trip right.  They are driving to Argentina and plan to take at least three years to do it!

Paula and Jeremy, UK


Former journalists with the BBC, Paula and Jeremy left their impressive careers to slow the pace of life and travel through the Americas.  We met them briefly in San Pedro, Guatemala but happily ran into them again in Monterrico and spent over a week traveling through El Salvador together.  We will be seeing them again!

Jared, Jessica and Kobus, USA and South Africa


We met up with Jared, Jessica and Kobus in San Pedro while they were studying Spanish in nearby Antigua.  Trading in office jobs to be full-time free lancers, they have some great info on their website for those that aspire to the traveling lifestyle but don’t quite know how to get started!

Petra and Klaus, Germany


We met Petra, Klaus and their beautiful Land Cruiser in Belize and ran into them again on a dusty road in Costa Rica.  They are travelling and volunteering their way south to Ushuaia.  We expect to run into them again somewhere further down the road.


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