Learning to Dine in Mexico

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Nov 262011

Our first few attempts to experience some authentic Mexican cuisine were a bit of a failure.  In hindsight it should have been obvious, whether it was the plethora of white faces, the quickly accessible menus in English, or the visible microwave in the kitchen.  To say the least, our first few meals left us wanting.  Luckily, we would quickly wise up and learn to spot the gringo traps.  Before we left the town of Todos Santos we would have a meal that satiated not just our hunger but our desire for an experience to come with it.  Continue reading »

Baja Has it All

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Nov 232011

Baja is the kind of place where time just slips away from you.  We originally intended to spend a bit more than a week here but it’s been nearly 16 days and we still find ourselves hesitant to move on.  We have driven from the north to the southernmost point, bouncing along both coasts on the way down.  We have slept on the beaches of both shores and in the meadows of the towering Sierra de las Lagunas.  We have strolled malecons at sunset and sipped margaritas beneath many a palapa. Despite all we’ve done, there is a sense that we’ve barely scratched the surface.  One thing is for sure – Baja California has it all.  Continue reading »

Central Baja

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Nov 222011

After driving through the desert that surrounds Cataviña we arrived upon the date and palm oasis of San Ignacio.  The small village is a shining island of concentrated life juxtaposed to the sparsely populated desert.  The heart of the palm forest which surrounds the village square presents what I imagine to be the perfect bird sanctuary.  The sound of what must have been over a dozen different species of birds created the auditory backdrop.  Continue reading »

Bienvenidos a Mexico!

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Nov 162011

Our last few days in the states were spent outside San Diego, running errands and taking care of some last minute preparations.  Zach made a lot of improvements on the van, including installing some LEDs for indoor lighting (check back for updates to the car section coming soon).  Michael and Marlena generously offered their home for our use as a base during this time.  Zach met Michael through Expedition Portal – a forum for overlanders – and he was instrumental in the building of the electrical system in our rig. Continue reading »