Wedding Fever

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Jul 282011

After Idaho, we took a short hiatus from our travels to attend my good friend Colleen’s wedding.  While swapping the comfortable 75 degree days in Jackson, WY for the 105 degree humid mess that was the thick of Philadelphia’s heat wave was not ideal, we appreciated the opportunity to catch up with family and friends.  The week was packed with activity and, as always, it flew by way too fast.  Continue reading »

More than Just Potatoes

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Jul 242011

During our stay in the Tetons we felt a growing itch to get back on the road.  We departed towards Stanley, Idaho in the Sawtooth mountain range with a two day three night back packing trip planned that we had found in one of our Backpacker magazines. Continue reading »

The Tetons

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Jul 212011

From Yellowstone we made our way south towards the Grand Tetons, hoping to get in another backcountry hike amidst some of our nation’s most scenic peaks.  We stopped at the ranger station to get some hiking recommendations (we’ve learned this is a must-do – no matter the guidebooks in hand, rangers always have firsthand information about trail and weather conditions).  Continue reading »

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Jul 192011

Yellowstone is a land of opposing forces.  On the one hand it is wildlife sanctuary.  The first land set aside to isolate it from the quickly developing west.  The caretakers in Yellowstone go to great extents to minimize the impact of its human visitors.  On the other hand it is a tourist destination.  Continue reading »

The Heart of Everything That Is

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Jul 142011

Just south of Badlands National Park lies the Pine Ridge Reservation, home to over 20,000 registered members of the Oglala Sioux Native American tribe.  The Oglala Sioux are part of the larger Lakota Nation: seven bands of Native American tribes indigenous to the land that now makes up the state of South Dakota.   After departing the Badlands, Zach and I drove through this area, stopping at the site of the infamous Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890 during which the U.S. military killed more than 300 defenseless men, women and children of Lakota Nation.

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Did you know prairie dogs have the plague?

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Jul 062011

From Wisconsin we headed into South Dakota, a surprisingly beautiful drive with vast expanses of green rolling hills.  We drove through some national grasslands just as day was breaking and I happily admired the scenery as Zach slept in the passenger seat. Continue reading »

Fun in Wisconsin

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Jul 052011

We arrived in Wisconsin from the Upper Peninsula last Friday, happy to see the sun for the first time in nearly 3 days. Green Bay is on the way to my brother’s place in Portage, WI so we had to stop to see Lambeau field. Continue reading »

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